The Armenian Gampr dogs are for sale in Alabama in Huntsville and at Marladon Ranch, Danville, Alabama, near Huntsville. The Armenian Gampr dog is an ancient dog breed, originating in and endemic to the Armenian Highlands, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Armenian Plateau (now the Anatolian Plateau).

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A landrace breed, they are not similar in appearance but are similar in function and ability.

A large guardian dog of ancient origin, from the southern Caucasus mountains and historic Armenia.

Kind and loving to family and friends, but fierce and protective when needed; a livestock guardian, a family and farm guardian.

Athletic, powerful and graceful.

Practical and intelligent, exhibiting self-control in stressful situations.

Very very rare.

Often mistakenly called one of the more recognizable related breeds out of convenience.

Fun at the farm ice skating with Cole and our two Armenian Gamprs.

Posted by Marladon Ranch on Wednesday, January 3, 2018